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[BIOGRAPHY] Michelle Webster (Fandom: Highlander)

Michelle Webster was born in 1976, presumably in the Seattle, Washington area.  Presumably, because she was a foundling.  She was adopted as an infant by Craig and Nancy Webster, who raised her as their own child and never told her she was adopted.  As an only child she was somewhat spoiled and by the time she became a teenager, she was quite a brat.  Argumentative, emotional, more interested in drugs and sex and rock n' roll than her schooling, she had countless heated arguments with her parents.

The last time she ever spoke to them was one such argument.  She stormed out of the family home after uttering angry words she'd never forgive herself for and raced away in her convertible.  Distraught and crying, she fumbled for a music cassette, her attention drifting from the road.  The blare of a truck horn caused her to swerve, avoiding a collision with the truck--but she lost control of the car and crashed it.  It was 1994 and Michelle Webster was only 18 the day she died.

She woke in the morgue with family friend Duncan MacLeod standing over her.  He helped her dress and escape from the hospital.  Over the next couple of days she got a crash course in the reality of her new situation.  Spoiled teenager tha she was, she saw it as a golden opportunity to indulge in all the recreational drugs she wanted--they couldn't kill her now, right?  The idea that she needed to learn to defend herself, that other immortals would be hunting for her head, was impossible to take seriously.

Or it was until she fell under the sway of Axel, a handsome young man who was willing to indulge her in the all the ways that Duncan--that humorless stick-in-the-mud--refused to do.  Duncan tried to warn her that he had ulterior motives but she wouldn't listen.  Only when Axel's motives became clear even to her did she realize the danger she was in.  Duncan saved her life by taking Axel's head, and giving her her first glimpse of a quickening--and of the life that awaited her.

Finally ready to learn, Michelle was surprised--and disappointed--when Duncan, instead of teaching her himself, turned her over to a friend of his.  Amanda promised to take good care of Michelle and was as good as her word.  They quickly became very good friends, as well as teacher and student.  Michelle spent most of the next decade as Amanda's student.  The first few years she spent actually living and traveling with Amanda, then later going out on her own while still seeing Amanda and learning from her.

Michelle learned self-defense, barehanded as well as with sword or handgun, though she has only fought one immortal in all that time, taking her first and only quickening.  Amanda also taught Michelle several languages, how to move through any level of society, boost cars, pick pockets and all the other nefarious skills she'd acquired over the centuries.  At the end of her apprenticeship, Michelle chose to return to the United States.  Europe, for all that she could speak the languages and deal with most everyone she met, wasn't home.

She didn't think that she might never see Amanda again.  But less than a year after she'd returned to Seattle, the Deluge occurred, followed by Fate's Handmaiden.  Michelle watched helplessly as everyone around her died.  Michelle buried the last living person she knew, dusted off her hand, walked into the nearest bar and crawled into a bottle for a couple of weeks.  She only stopped because she ran out of booze--staying drunk despite her immortal metabolism required truly heroic amounts of booze.

Once she sobered up, Michelle fled the city.  She's stayed away from all cities since then.  Those that didn't burn or suffer some other natural or man-made disaster were still full of rotting, unburied bodies.  Small towns seemed safer, cleaner.  There are fewer bars and liquor stores in small towns, too.  She likes to pretend that she's simply traveling for pleasure--sightseeing, as it were--but she's looking for something.

She doesn't know who or what, but she's hoping she'll know it when she sees it.

Michelle is thirty years old, but looks like she's eighteen.  She typically wears expensive but casual clothing these days (it's free for the taking), and is wearing a handgun openly on her hip.  She's also carrying a smaller, concealed handgun...just in case.

OOC:  Michele Webster is from the Highlander episode, "Rite of Passage."
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